Changing Your Oven

Your oven is generally one of the more expensive items in your kitchen so knowing what will fit in your existing kitchen will help you choose a suitable one.

There are generally two types of ovens; In wall and Under bench. These ovens can be put anywhere depending on height of course.

Generally under bench ovens will have a separate griller ( if installed ) on the top and wall ovens have it on the bottom.

Before you start looking for a new oven, you need to thoroughly measure your existing one ( see MEASUREMENTS ). Most new standard ovens are 60cm wide with varying heights. Your measurements will tell you if you will need cabinet carpentry or not.

Most ovens are installed either flush mounted or trim exposed;

Flush Mounted   -   A flush mounted oven means that the front of the door of the oven is almost in line with the surrounding cupboards, this type of installation is usually done with newer kitchens as ovens are relatively standard sizes and also for under bench ovens.

Trim Exposed   -   With trim exposed the oven front sits proud of the fascia panel, this style is more popular with wall ovens as the oven sticks out around 20mm.

If the new oven is smaller than the old one you can always install a microwave above the oven and to blend it in, you can get a trim kit for most new microwaves.

Gas or Electric   -   What is your existing oven?  Most new ovens are electric, if you have a gas oven you can still get gas ovens but your choice is limited, just remember that most of the new gas ovens require a PowerPoint to run the inginion and possibly the griller. If you have gas and want to install electric you will need a new circuit from the switchboard ( need a licenced electrician ).


     A is the height

     B is the width

     C is the depth

     This picture shows a setup for a flush mount installation.


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